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water treatment services in Indiana

Water Treatment Services in Indiana

Indiana is known for its abundance of strong manufacturing industries — especially automobile manufacturing. The state is home to the world's second-largest automotive industry, with many automobile, recreational vehicle (RV) and engine plants throughout the state. This industry accounts for many of Indiana's jobs. Indiana has also been the nation's leader in steel production since 1977, generating a quarter of steel products in the United States. Other big industries include life sciences, agriculture and mining.

These industries have a shared need for commercial water treatment services, which involve treating large volumes of water at high flow rates to achieve a desired makeup. Organic and inorganic matter, pH level and bacterial strains affect this makeup and the overall quality of the water, and they must be managed to maintain the system's effectiveness and function. Treatments will remove these contaminants to achieve the desired water composition, protect equipment and ensure quality work.

If you operate a manufacturing company in The Hoosier State and aren’t satisfied with your current water treatment service provider, Chardon Labs can help.

Chemical Water Treatment Services in Indiana

As a leading industrial water treatment company in Indiana, we offer an assortment of high-quality closed loop, boiler and cooling tower water treatment solutions that we’ll customize according to your company’s specific needs. Our services will protect your equipment and help you save money through the conservation of water and energy. These services include:

  • Legionella testing.
  • Chemical water treatment.
  • Cooling tower treatment.
  • Boiler chemicals.
  • Closed loop water treatment.
  • HVAC water treatment.
  • Boiler water treatment.

Chardon Labs has served the state of Indiana since 1965 with treatment and testing services that have cost-effective pricing and customizable options. We are proud to serve these Indiana industries with efficient and reliable services:

  • Health care
  • Breweries
  • Food processing and cold storage
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Automotive
  • Plastics
  • Manufacturing

When you need a qualified commercial water treatment service, contact Chardon Labs. We have:

  • Clean systems and fixed price guarantees.
  • Technicians who are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Customized plans that address your needs for water system treatments and tests.

Take our free survey online today to evaluate your water system needs, and contact Chardon Labs for more information about our professional treatment services in your area.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    One of the Best Cooling Tower Treatment Companies in Indiana

    Cooling towers are specialized heat exchangers that bring air and water into contact with one another to reduce the water's temperature. These systems are vulnerable to contamination because their open tower water loop can accumulate airborne particulates that promote biological growth. When the water evaporates, it concentrates mineral content. In addition, the system may incur white rust and biological growth, which can decrease the cooling tower's efficiency and support Legionella bacterial colonies.

    Companies from South Bend to Indianapolis to Evansville turn to us when they need water treatment service for their cooling towers. Our well-trained service technicians have the expertise to apply our extensive line of premium inhibitor products to limit the impact of and treat existing cases of destructive forces like corrosion and rust.

    We can recommend and execute the most cost-effective treatment strategy for new system startups and heat exchangers. Our team will inspect and test your cooling tower to identify its conditions, then create a treatment plan that will defend against this contamination. As a result, our cooling tower water treatment services in Indiana will help your equipment perform at its best for a lower cost.

    We’re Also a Leading Boiler Water Treatment Services Provider

    Boilers are essential in industrial operations because they provide steam for comfort, water heating and temperature maintenance. However, these systems are vulnerable to damage from:

    • Scale: Steam boiler tubes are susceptible to a buildup of scale that can ultimately lead to warping and rupture. Scale is the deposit of materials such as iron, calcium and silica from the water supply. They concentrate and harden on the boiler's heat transfer surfaces, where they act as an insulator and decrease the boiler's efficiency. If the scale breaks away and enters the stream, it can interrupt the flow and cause overheating or failure of the boiler.
    • Corrosion: Corrosion is the result of a reaction between the chemicals in the boiler's metal parts and the air or water. It can cause pitting and wearing in the metal and eat away at the inner mechanisms. As a result, the boiler's life span and efficiency will be limited, and its operational costs will increase.

    Our targeted boiler water treatment services in Indiana utilize expert equipment and techniques to protect your boiler and its vital parts. Our treatments include a blowdown process to reduce the level of dissolved minerals that eventually form scale. It works by maintaining the correct concentration cycles through draining the feedwater from the boiler. Our treatments are also extremely effective at preventing pitting corrosion by absorbing excessive levels of dissolved oxygen. What’s more, our services will minimize fuel waste by keeping the heat transfer surfaces free of scale.

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    Boiler Chemicals in Indiana

    Ensuring that your boiler system is running at peak efficiency is vital to allowing your business to maintain optimal functionality. Unfortunately, corrosion and scale can negatively affect the efficiency of your system by increasing energy consumption and causing component damage and costly repairs.

    If your Indiana-based company needs help maintaining its boiler system, Chardon can help your business treat these issues. Since boiler treatment chemicals can prevent and resolve many common boiler problems, we can ensure your system’s continued function for as long as possible. Our full line of boiler chemicals includes:

    • Boiler inhibitors: Our boiler inhibitor treatments are an all-in-one solution. Our BJ-10 formula provides continued protection against oxygen pitting. Comp-50 and Comp-F use phosphonates, caustic and sulfite. For food-safe environments, our technicians will use Comp-F.
    • Scale prevention: Our scale prevention chemicals use a blend with phosphonate to prevent scale formation. The blend may also have antifoaming agents, molybdate tracers, sludge conditioners and extra dispersing polymers to protect against overfeeding.
    • Return line: We have several chemical blends for return lines, and our technicians will help you decide which your boiler needs. These blends include cyclohexylamine, morpholine, ammonium hydroxide and amines to complete different tasks. By treating your return line, you are ensuring that you'll have consistent pressure and metal parts that can withstand corrosion.
    • pH control: We use sodium hydroxide to raise the water's pH level and neutralize acids. Solid and liquid formats of this chemical are available.

    A boiler chemical treatment plan is an essential part of boiler maintenance, and our technicians may use one chemical or several to meet the specific requirements of your system. With our professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field, Chardon has you covered. Learn more about our boiler treatment services today!

    Closed Loop System Services

    Many industrial HVAC systems are comprised of refrigerant gas, chilled water and cooling tower water loops. The water in these loops is heated or cooled and exposed to incoming air. As a result, these closed loop systems can develop leaks because of corrosion caused by bacteria. These leaks may result in system failure, downtime and excessive water consumption. Repairs can become expensive, especially if they are frequent due to an untreated problem.

    Chardon Laboratories is your source for closed loop water treatment services in Indiana. Our technicians will conduct a free survey of your closed loops to identify any issues, assessing iron, bacteria, corrosion inhibitor, conductance levels and pH. We have processes to clean and flush your closed loop systems to remove iron deposits and apply a biocide to decontaminate the system. We can also maintain the proper pH balance to further reduce future corrosion.

    Our closed loop service includes equipment replacements, filter changes, cleaning and flushing, and pH and conductivity tests to ensure the integrity of your system.

    Water Quality

    At Chardon Laboratories, any water treatment plan starts with understanding the quality of your process water. Factors such as alkalinity and hardness vary throughout the state of Indiana, so our inspection will help us identify which treatment services you need. Chardon Labs is focused on selling clean systems, not chemicals, so we will help you improve your water quality and reduce consumption to lower costs and improve the life of your systems.

    HVAC Water Supply

    HVAC systems for commercial buildings must meet several strict demands to keep up with essential processes. This equipment must stay in top shape at all times to perform reliably. HVAC water treatments prevent the development of contaminants such as scale, corrosion and microbiological growth that can result in leaking condensate lines and warped and ruptured pipes.

    The technicians at Chardon Laboratories will provide water treatments for HVAC systems such as cooling towers and boilers. Cooling towers remove excess heat and boilers create steam, which exposes them to outside elements and makes them vulnerable to damage. We will test and inspect your process water to identify issues, then determine the best treatment. Our team may use cleaning, flushing and passivation to remove existing contamination. For prevention, we have chemical treatments that will prevent the buildup of scale and corrosion due to hard water.

    Legionella Testing Services in Indiana

    Legionella — or Legionella pneumophila — is a bacterial strain that thrives in warm, wet environments. When these conditions are present, even a small trace of Legionella can expand quickly:

    • pH between 5 and 8.5
    • Stagnant water
    • Sediment that promotes commensal microflora growth
    • Temperatures between 68 to 122 degrees F, with 95 to 115 degrees F being ideal
    • Microorganisms that supply the essential nutrients for Legionella growth, including flavobacteria, Pseudomonas and algae

    Given that these conditions are often present in cooling towers, air washers, ornamental fountains and similar systems, these locations are at high risk for Legionella contamination. The presence of this bacteria is serious because breathing it in may cause Legionnaire's disease, which can be deadly. Chlorination does not eradicate Legionella, so professional testing and treatment services are necessary to keep your systems in their best shape.

    Chardon Labs is a leader in Indiana for Legionella testing and treatment. Our technicians follow the regulations for testing and treatment outlined in Standard 188 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), which means that we will:

    • Inspect the water systems in your building to analyze the amount of risk.
    • Create a water management plan to control the Legionella.
    • Document every action we take toward the water management plan.

    Trust Our More Than 50 Years of Water Treatment Experience

    Since 1965, Chardon Labs has remained a recognized water management industry leader by providing customized treatment programs for closed loop systems, boilers and cooling towers for industrial and commercial businesses in the state of Indiana — with guaranteed results. Our services for these systems aim to remove microbiological growth to prevent damage and extend the life span of your equipment. We'll help your business save money by keeping your operational costs low and eliminating the need to purchase new water system components.

    Our service technicians and processes are ISO-certified, ensuring the highest quality. All of our services can be tailored to fit your requirements, and our technicians will help you decide the best options for your water system issues and budget. Chardon Labs will deliver new chemicals to your facility when you need them and dispose of the containers for you, which saves your company the costs of drum disposal and freight shipping. Our team will also install new equipment when your service requires it.

    And, unlike many of our competitors, we focus on producing clean systems for our customers instead of looking for ways to sell more chemicals.

    Choose Chardon Laboratories for Chemical Water Treatment Services in Indiana

    The technicians at Chardon Laboratories are dedicated to helping Indiana-area businesses gain clean water systems by eliminating contamination and improving water quality. Our guaranteed clean systems come at a guaranteed fixed price.

    Contact us today or give us a call at 317-434-3259 for more information on our Indiana commercial water treatment services.


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