Chemical Water Treatment for Industries in Trenton, NJ

Chardon Laboratories offers commercial water treatment services for businesses in Trenton, New Jersey. Our services help businesses monitor and control corrosion, scale and biological material within boilers, closed loop water systems and cooling towers. Treating your equipment will boost efficiency, reduce energy costs, maintain equipment health and extend machinery life span.

Our Trenton, New Jersey Service Area

Water Quality for Businesses in Trenton

Maintaining clean water in boilers, closed loop systems and cooling towers is crucial for any business. Trenton's water, which comes from the Delaware River and nearby groundwater systems, may contain biological material and inorganic contaminants such as arsenic, chloroform and bromodichloromethane. Trenton meets state and federal requirements for water treatment, but contamination can occur after the water leaves the treatment facility due to the city's old infrastructure. Businesses operating in Trenton should consider treatment methods beyond the city's measures to clean their water.

Our Approach to Boilers, Closed Loop and Cooling Tower Water Treatment

We design custom water treatment systems for commercial boilers, closed loop systems and cooling towers. Our ISO 9000-certified technicians will implement a treatment strategy that considers the conditions and applications relevant to your Central New Jersey facility.

Our services begin with a free survey, during which we collect and analyze a water sample to evaluate the organic and inorganic materials present and the sample's pH balance. We will use our findings to determine the appropriate cleaning and treatment procedures for your equipment.

Trenton Industrial Boiler Treatment

We provide industrial boiler treatment services in Trenton to remove and prevent corrosion and scale. Boiler corrosion can cause oxygen pitting, resulting in condensate line leaks. Scale can disrupt heat distribution pathways, resulting in uneven heat distribution, efficiency loss, warping and overheating. We use various chemicals and equipment to prevent boiler corrosion and scale:

  • Chemicals: Our boiler inhibitor chemicals and boiler pH control chemicals address scale, reduce corrosion, prevent foam and control acidity.
  • Blowdown: The blowdown process removes and replenishes contaminated feedwater with a cleaner alternative.
  • Products and equipment: We implement boiler treatment tools such as automated controllers, boiler probes, headwater meters and corrosion coupon racks to monitor and control corrosion and scale.

Trenton Closed Loop Treatment

Our closed loop water treatment experts provide solutions for hot, chilled, tempered and process water systems. We clean and flush closed loop systems and then implement the ideal closed loop chemicals, products and equipment to reduce corrosion, scale and microbial growth. Our services also prevent common issues such as foaming and freezing. Our closed loop treatment procedures utilize:

  • Closed loop inhibitor chemicals
  • Closed loop anti-foaming chemicals
  • Closed loop non-oxidizing biocides
  • Closed loop pretreatment chemicals

Trenton Cooling Tower Services

Chardon Labs treats cooling towers at facilities in Trenton and throughout New Jersey. Accumulating bacteria and scale can cause corrosion within a cooling tower, resulting in lost efficiency and potential equipment damage. We customize cooling tower solutions that combine advanced cleaning chemicals and treatment products:

  • Cooling tower treatment chemicals: We implement the ideal selection of pretreatment chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, oxidizing biocides, non-oxidizing biocides and anti-foaming chemicals.
  • Cooling tower treatment products: Our cooling tower solutions utilize various tools for monitoring, risk prevention, automated maintenance and chemical storage.


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    Water treatment services will help your business maintain healthy, efficient boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems. Please contact Chardon Labs online to schedule Trenton commercial water services.

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