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At Chardon Laboratories, we offer many testing and treatment options to identify your water system issues and eradicate contamination. Our technicians can customize any service to your specific application.

We provide Philadelphia companies with the following:

Chardon is prepared to tackle any water problem at your facility. Our qualifications include:

A team of experienced technicians with ISO certification.
The knowledge to design a treatment plan tailored to your system requirements.
A clean systems guarantee for a guaranteed fixed price.

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Get Chemical Water Treatment Services for Your Philadelphia, PA Business

If you’re looking for chemical water treatment services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we have experience developing solutions for many different commercial and industrial settings. A clean, reliable water treatment solution is essential for many applications, and we are proud to serve these Philadelphia industries:

  • Food processing and cold storage
  • Health care facilities
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Breweries
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Plastics
  • Manufacturing

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Chardon Laboratories is a service-focused water treatment company with more than 55 years of experience. We combine our exceptional customer care with great prices and high-quality treatment that will save you repair costs and keep operations running properly.

At Chardon Laboratories, we offer regular testing and maintenance for corrosion, bacteria, Legionella and more. With our International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified technicians and a variety of maintenance products, we will support your business operations from behind the scenes while you continue to provide excellent service to your customers.

The largest economic sector in Philadelphia is health care, as the city is the center for various prestigious medical schools and major hospitals. Manufacturing is also a significant factor in Philadelphia's economy, producing airplane equipment, medical devices, consumer packaged goods, prescription pharmaceuticals and electronic components. These two industries generate billions of dollars each year and supply tens of thousands of jobs for the Delaware Valley region.

Health care and manufacturing facilities in Philadelphia rely on clean process water systems. Professional water treatment services are essential for keeping their equipment in top shape by removing contaminants from large-volume, high-flow-rate process water. A clean water composition protects systems, increases efficiency, and reduces operational costs and maintenance expenses for repairs and replacements. Your equipment will last longer, and your work will be of better quality.

Boiler Water Treatment Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Boilers produce steam to use in comfort heating, accurate temperature monitoring, water heating and other industrial processes. Under normal conditions, there are two kinds of damage that may affect boilers:

  • Corrosion: When chemicals in the air and water react, metal components may corrode. Corrosion causes pits and wear in the metal that shorten the boiler's lifespan and efficiency while increasing operational costs.
  • Scale: Scale is a combination of silica, iron and calcium deposits that harden to the boiler's heat transfer surfaces. This layer is good at insulating, which prevents the boiler's ability to transfer heat and makes the system inefficient. If the scale sloughs off, it can interrupt the water flow and cause the boiler to overheat and fail.

Are you concerned about protecting your boiler from harmful scale and corrosion? Then you need Chardon Laboratories' boiler water treatment to add an extra layer of security to your water heating system.

We provide regular boiler water maintenance to prevent issues that could lead to a decrease in efficiency and profits. Our service technicians use proper blowdown, which limits the number of minerals in the water that may assist scale formation. We will drain the feedwater out of the boiler to maintain the correct number of concentration cycles and monitor mineral levels.

We also use inhibitor chemical solutions and other treatment products to help stop the spread of corrosion and limit the potential for damage to your equipment. We can absorb dissolved oxygen with sulfite and prevent at-risk substances from settling with chemical treatments for precipitated crystals and particulates. As a result, we can keep these inconveniences at bay and keep your boiler safe.

Boiler Treatment Chemicals for Water Systems

Many kinds of boiler damage are treatable and preventable with chemical solutions. These chemicals are designed to tackle particular characteristics of water to prevent scale and corrosion. At Chardon Labs, we have several boiler chemicals, including:

  • Return line boiler chemicals: This chemical treatment maintains consistent pressure throughout the return line and protects the metal from corrosion. We have several blends for different applications, including food-safe environments.
  • pH control boiler chemicals: Acidity can damage your boiler, so the pH control chemical neutralizes the water with sodium hydroxide to protect the metal.
  • Scale prevention boiler chemicals: These phosphonate chemicals stop the formation of scale by preventing solids from settling. Sludge conditioners, dispersing polymers, PTSA tracers and antifoaming agents protect against overfeeding.
  • Boiler inhibitors: Our boiler inhibitor chemical uses phosphonates, caustic and sulfite to prevent oxygen pitting.

Our tailored approach to boiler treatment may involve using one or more of these chemicals — our service technicians will help you decide which you need. A treatment plan with boiler chemicals will help your boiler last longer and work more efficiently.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cooling towers are specialized heat exchangers that help remove heat from water by bringing it into contact with air. These systems are used in large industrial settings, from power plants to food processing facilities and more. Since cooling towers are exposed to the outside environment, they are often the primary source of contamination in a system. Scale and bacteria in a cooling tower can slow down operations if they grow without being addressed.

As an industry leader, you need reliable maintenance for your cooling tower to keep it running and lengthen its lifespan. We are proud to offer cooling tower water treatment plans for commercial facilities in Philadelphia. This service starts with testing and reporting on a cooling tower's condition to develop a custom plan. Our technicians will utilize our full line of scale and corrosion inhibitors to address existing issues. Each treatment will be expertly applied and highly cost-effective. We provide heat exchanger chemical solutions for your Philadelphia facility.

Because contaminants can significantly damage your system, we work with our clients to create the optimal chemical treatment strategy to prevent these issues. With our products, we can minimize these risks and keep operations in top condition.

Closed Loop Water Treatment in Philadelphia

Closed loops in HVAC systems circulate water to transfer heat for air conditioning and heating. The three loops in heating and cooling systems — chilled water, refrigerant gas and cooling tower water — are prone to leaks that can form corrosion and introduce bacteria. This damage can cause the system to fail.

Chardon's closed loop water treatments services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, can play a vital role in protecting your company’s system from leaks and harmful bacteria. We can build a custom treatment plan tailored to your system, complete with routine checks and treatments of the closed loops.

Our technicians will begin by testing for conductance, iron, corrosion inhibitors, pH and bacteria to determine which treatments are needed. Our treatment services include cleaning and flushing the system, sustaining healthy pH levels, removing oxygen from the water and more. We will also perform preventative maintenance measures such as changing the filters and replacing equipment. These methods protect against leaks as well as corrosion and bacteria so that your closed loop system will continue to function at its best.


    Water Quality in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    The quality of Philadelphia's water supply is determined by factors such as alkalinity and hardness. Before starting any service, our technicians will test your water to determine its makeup. Water quality may vary between suburbs, so understanding any water supply issues is key for treatment. Understanding it will help Chardon professionals determine which services are necessary and the best methods to remove contaminants from your system and restore its functionality.

    HVAC Water Services

    HVAC systems in commercial and industrial operations are subject to high demands since they must meet particular ventilation and cooling requirements for specific facilities. The HVAC system needs to work efficiently throughout the operation, as any breakdown can lead to a costly repair. Water treatments for HVAC systems will prevent microbiological growth, corrosion and scale to keep the system in top shape, extending its life and promoting excellent performance.

    Chardon is an HVAC water treatment company with a range of services available for these systems. Our technicians will test your water to determine the presence of contaminants. If your water's composition qualifies as hard, we'll use our chemical treatment solutions, including corrosion and scale inhibitors, to balance it. Cleaning and passivation will prevent system contamination.

    Cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems are common in industrial HVAC equipment. They are also prone to damaging scale and corrosion, making HVAC water services necessary for a long-lasting system.

    Legionella Testing Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Legionella pneumophila — also called Legionella — is a dangerous strain of bacteria that grows well in warm, wet environments. These conditions are commonly found in cooling towers and similar systems — especially those not treated and maintained regularly — putting your process water at risk for contamination.

    Regular Legionella testing and treatment is crucial for both your equipment and human health. Breathing in water droplets contaminated with Legionella can cause Legionnaire's disease, which may result in death. Unlike other bacteria, Legionella cannot be eradicated with chlorination, so you need an expert's assistance to purify your water system.

    Chardon is a professional Legionella treatment company that will identify bacteria outbreaks in your system and determine the best eradication methods. Our service starts with surveying the water systems in your building to analyze risk. If you have a Legionella outbreak, we will develop a water management plan that follows the standards in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 188. Our technicians will validate and document every task and treatment we complete in this plan.

    Why Choose Chardon Labs as Your Water Treatment Company?

    Chardon Labs has been Philadelphia's trusted water treatment company for more than 55 years. The Philadelphia-area businesses that partner with us gain access to professional services that will treat existing cases and prevent future development of biological growth, scale and corrosion in water systems. Using our cooling tower water treatments and other services will make your equipment last longer, reduce your operational costs, drastically lower repair and replacement expenses, and promote efficiency.

    Our certified technicians have the experience necessary to develop a treatment plan customized to your particular system while remaining within your budget. Our service team will complete each service with attention to detail, using proper application techniques for the best results. In addition to these services, Chardon Labs will deliver chemicals to your facility and remove the containers for savings in drum disposal and freight shipping costs. We will also install new equipment for you.

    Choose Chardon Labs for Commercial Water Treatments in Philadelphia

    One of the many advantages of working with Chardon Laboratories is that we don't sell chemicals — we sell clean systems. When we partner with your business for your water treatment needs, we'll share the common goal of making your system clean and keeping your costs low. We provide guaranteed results, ISO-certified services and competitive prices.

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