Water Treatment Services in Philadelphia, PA

Commercial Water Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A clean, reliable water treatment solution is essential for many industries, including food processing, healthcare facilities, automotive manufacturing, breweries and more. If you’re looking for a water treatment provider in Philadelphia, we have experience developing solutions for many different commercial and industrial settings.

At Chardon Laboratories, we serve Philadelphia companies with boiler water treatment, closed loop water treatments and cooling tower water treatment. We combine our exceptional customer service with great prices and high-quality treatment that will save you repair costs and keep operations running properly.

boiler treatment services in the city of Philadelphia

Boiler Water Treatment in Philadelphia

Are you concerned about protecting your boiler from harmful scale and corrosion? Then you need Chardon Laboratories' boiler water treatment to add an extra layer of security to your water heating system.

We provide regular boiler water maintenance to prevent issues that could lead to a decrease in efficiency and profits. We prevent scale from forming through the use of inhibitor chemicals and proper blowdown which limits the number of minerals in the water that may assist scale formation.

We also use chemical solutions and other treatment products to help stop the spread of corrosion, which can cause damage to your equipment. By absorbing dissolved oxygen and preventing at-risk substances from settling, we can keep this inconvenience at bay and keep your boiler safe.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment in Philadelphia

As an industry leader, you need reliable maintenance for your cooling tower to keep it running and lengthen its lifespan. We are proud to offer cooling tower water treatment plans for commercial facilities in Philadelphia.

Cooling towers help remove heat from water in large industrial settings, from power plants to food processing facilities and more. Scale and bacteria in a cooling tower can slow down operations if they grow without being addressed. That’s why we work with our clients to create the optimal chemical treatment strategy to prevent these issues. With our products, we can minimize these risks and keep operations in top condition.

At Chardon Laboratories, we offer regular testing and maintenance for corrosion, bacteria, Legionella and more. With our ISO-certified technicians and a variety of maintenance products, we will support your business operations from behind the scenes while you continue to provide excellent service to your customers.

Closed Loop Water Treatment in Philadelphia

Chardon's closed loop water treatments can play a vital role in protecting your company’s system from leaks and harmful bacteria. We can build a custom treatment plan tailored to your system, complete with routine checks and treatments of the closed loops.

Our treatment services include cleaning and flushing the system, sustaining healthy pH levels, removing oxygen from the water and more. These methods protect against leaks as well as corrosion and bacteria so that your closed loop system will continue to function at its best.

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