Water Treatment Chemicals for Closed Loops

Treating closed loop systems with chemicals can help protect and maintain the efficiency of the loops and the heat transfer system overall. Corrosion and scale can cause significant problems like costly leaks. Not treating the water with closed loop chemicals can also allow build up with the water and cause even more costly issues. Chardon carries a variety of closed loop water treatment chemicals that help prevent corrosion and oxygen pitting in chilled and hot loops.

Cartoon closed loop chemicals



Closed Loop Inhibitor Chemicals


This chilled closed loop inhibitor made up of caustic, nitrite and polymers, is an effective oxygen scavenger and metal passivator to help fight corrosion in chilled closed loops. SN-7 forms a self-protecting oxide layer on ferrous metals, which inhibits corrosion and pitting, and protects metals like copper, brass, and other yellow metal alloys.


This hot loop corrosion inhibitor helps prevent oxygen pitting and passivates the metal in hot closed loop with a combination of nitrites and some caustic. SN-10 forms an oxide layer on ferrous metals, which inhibits corrosion and pitting of a variety of metals.



This closed loop corrosion inhibitor is specifically designed to protect closed loops with relatively low conductivity by scavenging oxygen and passivating the metal.



This specifically designed loop corrosion inhibitor uses a formula containing sulfite and azole to treat chilled loop systems that contain aluminum.


Anti-Foaming Chemicals


Silicate formulated anti-foaming chemical designed to manage foam in cooling towers and loops.


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