Order Advantage Megatron XS Conductivity Cooling Tower Controller

Advantage Megatron XS Conductivity Controller for Cooling Towers

Keeping your cooling tower free from problems like scale and corrosion can be a difficult challenge without a functioning controller. The Advantage MegaTron XS Controller has many features that can automate your cooling tower system to feed properly, bleed on conductivity, and show real-time data to help improve your water treatment for your cooling tower.

With many easy-to-use features that allow for a wide-range of controls, the MegaTron XS is the reliable and user-friendly choice for keeping your treatment program running efficiently. It also offers the “Notepad” feature, which gives a more accurate and efficient date reporting than ever before. With flexible and customizable features to fit your system, the Advantage Megatron XS Controller unit can control your cooling tower reliably and effectively.

What comes Standard:

  • USB port to update firmware and download information directly
  • Single even relay timer
  • Screen Customization
  • Easy connection to 5 and 12 Vdc
  • Increased data memory and user-friendly keypad


Optional Extras:

  • Four 4-20mA inputs
  • Four 4-20mA outputs with dual source conditioning logic
  • Conductivity cycles control
  • Four flow meter inputs
  • Second ORP set point linked to 28-day timer
  • Recycle timer for precise feed
Advantage Megatron XS boiler controller


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