Order Inhibitors for Boilers

Inhibitors for Boilers

Steam and hot water boilers are prone to different problematic issues, most notably scale and corrosion. Whether it’s preventing oxygen pitting, or calcium carbonate scale, each can be costly to your boiler system’s efficiency and life span. At Chardon, we have a variety of chemicals that can help protect your boiler from these problems. Our “all-in-one” boiler treatment can be used in many applications to do just that. From food grade systems to large horsepower steam boilers, Chardon has the boiler inhibitor chemicals for the job.


This “all-in-one” boiler treatment is a combination of sulfite, caustic, and phosphonates that is used in a wide variety of applications to prevent scale and control corrosion.




This “all-in-one” steam boiler treatment uses a similar composition as the Comp-50, but is safe for use in food contact applications.



BJ-10 is a powdered sulfite oxygen scavenger that is used to prevent pitting in steam boiler applications. Its’ indefinite shelf life and compatibility to be used alongside other boiler treatment products makes this product very economical for oxygen pitting prevention.


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