Northern Kentucky Industrial Water Treatment Services

Industrial water treatment services treat water to remove contaminants, filter particles and prevent equipment damage. Cooling towers, HVAC systems and boilers require effective chemical treatment and filtration to minimize the risk of microbiological growth, scale buildup and corrosion. Innovative technological devices simplify the water treatment process to clean water effectively and efficiently.

Many industrial facilities rely on high-quality process water for critical manufacturing and operational processes. Without preventative maintenance and effective treatment, your facility's water systems and heating and cooling equipment may be susceptible to contaminants like bacteria and corrosion.

At Chardon Laboratories, we offer water maintenance services for cooling towers, steam boilers and closed loop systems. Our solutions are designed to help keep your water system and its inner components performing at their best. We can also help your Florence, Kentucky, facility reduce water and energy consumption.

We service many other locations across Northern Kentucky, including:

  • Alexandria
  • Covington
  • Erlanger
  • Fort Thomas
  • Hebron
  • Independence
  • Newport
  • Union
  • Walton

Industrial Industry Water Treatment Solutions in Northern Kentucky

Even the smallest issue can significantly affect your process water, including scale and corrosion. Additionally, poorly managed water treatment can lead to costly equipment repairs and replacement. Because you depend on working cooling towers, boilers and loop systems to get your job done, it's important to implement preventative maintenance measures to keep them running as expected.

Industrial water treatment solutions ensure your facility's water is properly treated before entering the boiler or cooling tower. These solutions can also treat water after it has been through various industrial processes and needs to be reused or disposed of. Partnering with a trusted commercial water treatment company can establish effective risk management practices at your facility.

At Chardon Labs, we offer a range of water treatment solutions for many industries across Northern Kentucky:

We can develop custom strategies to optimize your facility's systems and provide long-term results. Our advanced technologies and specialized chemical treatments ensure the water used in your industrial processes is clean, safe and fully compliant with all environmental regulations.

We Serve Central Kentucky and All Regions of Kentucky

Cooling Tower Water Maintenance in Northern Kentucky

Industrial facilities often create heat during manufacturing and production processes. Your facility's cooling towers remove this waste from the building by using air and water to lower temperatures. These specialized heat exchangers are responsible for cooling machinery and equipment or keeping the air comfortable for employees.

During this heat transfer, however, your cooling tower can develop issues that reduce its efficiency and cleanliness, including:

  • Corrosion: You may notice rust and corrosion developing if your water is highly acidic or makes contact with metal mechanisms. Corrosion can damage your cooling tower's inner components and cause leaks and debris buildup, potentially resulting in costly repairs and a shorter equipment life span.
  • Scale: Scale production occurs when dissolved calcium and magnesium are present in the water. This accumulation of minerals and impurities can plug mechanisms in your boiler and cooling tower, affecting the heat transfer and water flow.
  • Biological growth: Corrosion can also occur due to biological growth caused by airborne particles. Microbiological growth includes a broad range of bacteria, fungi, algae and biofilms that build up on the cooling tower's components and damage the equipment.

Because cooling towers maintain a hot, humid and nutrient-dense environment, they're particularly susceptible to contamination. If these issues go untreated, they can pose a safety risk to your employees and operations. At Chardon Labs, we'll effectively address any contamination issues in your cooling tower and implement preventative measures to reduce buildup.

All of our processes and service technicians are ISO 9000-certified, which means we're dedicated to quality assurance at every step. Our technicians will perform a thorough assessment of your cooling tower system and determine solutions that are right for your facility, including:

  • Chemical treatment with corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Microbiological inhibitors
  • White rust preventatives
  • Epoxy coatings
  • pH control
  • Blowdown removal


    Northern Kentucky Legionella Testing

    Legionella pneumophila, typically called Legionella, is a type of harmful bacteria that can quickly colonize your water systems at your Northern Kentucky facility. This bacteria thrives in warm, wet environments like fountains, sink faucets, cooling towers and air washers.

    Legionella commonly grows in water systems that contain microorganisms like algae or remain stagnant for long periods of time. Water systems with a pH between 5 and 8.5 and a temperature range of 68 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit are also more susceptible to Legionella.

    Unfortunately, Legionella is often difficult to detect and more resistant to chemical disinfectants than other bacteria. Breathing in water droplets contaminated with Legionella can result in a severe and potentially fatal illness known as Legionnaires' disease. The unpredictable behavior of this dangerous bacteria necessitates professional intervention with a comprehensive water management plan.

    We can detect the presence of Legionella and the potential for growth throughout your Florence facility. Our skilled professionals can also implement risk prevention strategies to protect your employees and other populations in your industrial facility.

    Chardon Labs has the expertise to manage Legionella in your systems with various services, including:

    • Legionella testing
    • Risk analysis
    • Reporting
    • Management
    • Maintaining pH levels
    • Elimination procedures

    Water Treatment Plans for Legionella Control By Chardon Labs

    According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 188, all buildings are required to have a water management plan if they meet any of the following criteria:

    • More than 10 stories
    • Occupants aged 65 years or older
    • At least one water feature
    • Inpatient healthcare
    • A whirlpool or spa
    • A centralized hot water heater
    • Free chlorine over .5 parts per million

    A water management plan is designed to reduce the occurrence of bacteria outbreaks and other contamination issues as part of this industry standard for all larger buildings in the United States. Implementing a water treatment plan that includes scheduled testing for Legionella and other waterborne pathogens is a key component of a preventative maintenance and control strategy.

    At Chardon Labs, we follow the protocols outlined in ASHRAE Standard 188. Our technicians will survey your facility to identify risk areas and establish control measures. We'll help you develop an effective water treatment plan that aligns with our best practice standards to protect your water system.

    Create a Customized Water Treatment Plan With Chardon Labs

    Your industrial facility requires effective water treatment solutions to keep your operations running and minimize contamination, corrosion and biological growth. If your facility is located in one of our many Kentucky service areas, we're here to help.

    At Chardon Labs, it's our goal to help keep our customers' equipment in top shape. We work hard to provide high-quality, unparalleled service so you can focus on your business and leave the complexities of water treatment to the experts.

    Whether you require Legionella testing or want to learn how to conserve process water and energy for cost savings, you can trust us for professional assistance. Contact us today to start a customized, cost-effective water treatment plan for your unique industrial needs.

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