Oxidizing Biocides for Cooling Towers

Oxidizing Biocides

In today’s heightened awareness and knowledge as it relates to cooling towers and specifically Legionella issues, having a proper biocide in the cooling tower is of the utmost importance. Oxidizing biocides work by using a halogen (e.g. Chlorine) to “oxidize” the electron transfer in the cell of the bacterium, which will disrupt the cell’s life functions and kill the bacteria. Chardon carries a variety of different oxidizing biocides to protect cooling towers, from sodium hypochlorite to a stabilized bromine product, Chardon has the biocides to help kill bacteria.

Stabrom 909

Stabilized bromine used as a feed schedule chemical to help prevent biological growth such as Legionella prevention.

JustEQ 07

Revolutionary new biocide that can penetrate biofilm as well as the bacteria itself. This stabilized formula containing both bromine and sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) can be stored for long lengths of time and is much less corrosive than products like bleach. Along with its’ stability, this product becomes a very effective biocide against bacterial growth such as Legionella.

Bromine Tablets for Cooling Towers


Shock treatment formulated with calcium hypochlorite for use in cooling towers to use alongside regular biocide feed treatment.


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