How To Maintain Your Water Treatment Plan

What Can I Be Doing To Maintain My Water Treatment Plan?

Chardon may handle your monthly cooling tower, boiler, or closed-loop testing, but a lot of clients wonder what they can do themselves in the meantime to keep their system in the best shape possible. Water treatment upkeep is a process that is never “finished”. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you keep your systems as cost-efficient as possible when one of our water treatment experts isn’t there!


Test Kits– Having an exceptional test kit can extensively benefit your boiler, cooling tower, or closed loop. The more your system is tested and recorded, the more accurate and consistent your water test readings are, the better of an idea your Chardon service technician can get on your system behavior.

Conductivity Meter– Measuring your systems conductivity helps you know when your boiler or cooling tower is ready for blowdown. Letting the conductivity of the water in your system get too high may put your boiler at risk of scaling.

Repair/Maintain Chemical Feed– Having a reliable and efficient chemical feed process can benefit your water system in many ways. Using an exceptional chemical pump can allow you to automate chemical feed schedule based on various factors such as usage and need, or time.  

Proper Lay-Up Procedure– Following proper lay-up procedures will help ensure your boiler or cooling tower doesn’t scale or corrode while offline. Layup treatment is generally inexpensive and can save you time and money in the long run. If your water system is going to be down for two weeks or more, you should follow proper lay-up procedure.

Install Corrosion Monitoring Racks– Corrosion monitoring racks provide an exceptional way of monitoring the effectiveness of your water treatment plan against the effects of corrosion. Our AdvantageControls Corrosion Coupon Racks come with a quick disconnect holder to allow you to disconnect the corrosion rack quickly without tools.

Test Corrosion Coupons– Corrosion coupons are mounted into the previously mentioned corrosion monitoring racks. Corrosion coupons are metal strips used to estimate the rate of corrosion by comparing the initial weight of the corrosion coupon, with the weight of the corrosion coupon after a specified time. Check out our more detailed article on corrosion coupons here!

Check Float Valve Operation– Float valves in a cooling tower are designed to make sure you have the appropriate amount of water in your system. Having a broken or damaged float valve in your cooling tower could result in over usage of water due to makeup water being overfed into your system.

Clean Cooling Tower Sump– Cleaning or vacuuming out your cooling tower sump can allow for better drainage flow. By removing large debris and/or sludge will allow your cooling tower to run more efficiently.

Installing A Controller– A controller can improve your day-to-day life tremendously. Controllers can help you automate feeds, conductivity bleeds, and read-outs to boost efficiency. Remote monitoring allows access to real-time data and reports with minimal effort. 

Perform Daily/Weekly/Monthly Checks– Performing comprehensive scheduled checks on your water system is an integral part of maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost. Trying to play “catch-up” after allowing your system to become scaled or corroded always costs more than staying current with your checks, and proactive in working toward an exceptional water treatment program.