Remote Monitoring and Control Systems for Chemical Water Treatment

An explanation of remote monitoring water treatment systems that highlights their advantages.

November 15, 2023

What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring of chemical water treatment is utilized to collect vital information and detect problems with the treatment and the system. These remote control systems can measure water usage, conductivity, flow, PH, etc. to help make adjustments for improving the chemical treatment efficiency and performance.

To set up remote monitoring systems quickly and correctly, contact the experts at Chardon Laboratories here.

Remote vs Manual Monitoring

A comparison of remote and manual remote monitoring controls.


+      Accurate technical data about the water and system

     Adjust chemicals and other settings anytime, anywhere

+      Removal of human error

+      Efficiently utilize water and chemicals and reduce waste

     Monitor exact costs being used

+      Reduce labor time

     Integration with other systems

–       Equipment costs

–       Setup Costs

–       Learning curve


     Simple and what a technician may be used to

+      Can observe problems in real-time

     Easier for very small operations, where the controller and service costs would outweigh the benefits

+      May be efficient if that’s the way it’s always been done and people are proficiently trained to do it that way

–       No data benefits

–       No efficiency benefits

–       Time consuming

–       Room for human error and undetected problems

Why Remote Monitoring is the Best Choice

Chardon Labs Remote Monitoring Service Information.

Remote monitoring allows for systems to be handled from anywhere. Along with its accessibility compared to manual maintenance, it provides a large amount of data that will help improve the efficiency and costs of running your system. Excess water, chemicals, and energy can become quite costly. Additionally, any problems that occur are best dealt with fast. One of the major advantages of remote monitoring is that it allows for comprehensive predictive maintenance. By keeping track of system performance through currents and vibrations, there are ways to calculate preventative maintenance so the system runs well for longer. It is also a great way to reorder chemicals, as you will always know when and how much you will need. Remote monitoring is an investment, the return on it comes from the savings from the following: labor, efficiency, performance, ease of use, and capabilities.

Our recommended technology is REMCOMM & Advantage XS/MT Controllers. These are responsive and provide several accurate water quality indicators. Contact us here for more information on these controllers or to setup any remote monitoring water treatment controllers!

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Matt Welsh is the Vice President and Water Consultant at Chardon Labs.  He helps consult a wide range of customers utilizing various methods of water treatment, from chemical to chemical-free approaches, large and small applications, and across a wide range of geographical influences.  With 20 years of water treatment experience, including a wide range of troubleshooting and service in potable water and non-potable HVAC and industrial applications, he is an expert in water treatment chemistry for cooling towers, boilers, and closed-loop systems.


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