How To Control Your Chemical Service Remotely

Remote Monitoring Chemical Service

We at Chardon can utilize technology to provide our chemical treatment service with the use of remote monitoring to continue to provide reliable water treatment service.

Monitoring Systems Using Cloud-Based, Online Software

Black and gray remote monitoring controller.

Through REMCOMM internet communications connected to your Advantage MegaTron XS or MT Controller, a live constant feed of reporting can display a variety of water quality measurements. With the installation of this controller and internet card, WebAdvantage cloud-based software comes included. This software includes measuring levels such as conductivity, pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), chemical feed, and much more to provide reliable information to prevent shutdowns and equipment issues like scale, corrosion and microbial growth.

These systems also can send alarms to on-site personnel and Chardon to warn of chemical feed problems, spikes in water usage, or a variety of other out of spec issues. All of this information can be monitored using any computer, smart phone or tablet that is connected to the MegaTron controller.

This becomes especially useful in cooling tower systems regarding the control of growth of Legionella bacteria. This allows our technicians to monitor systems in between service visits to ensure that the treatment program is operating as it is designed. Through the WebAdvantage portal, biocide feed levels can be altered remotely rather than a second visit from a technician to follow Legionella best practices.

The WebAdvantage portal also houses all reporting history to monitor trends throughout different peak seasons, start-ups and shut downs, and to show effects of the chemical treatment program over time on water usage.

Our Commitment to Water Treatment During Trying Times

Chardon is committed to providing proper water treatment to your cooling tower systems and boiler systems, making sure that during these challenging times your equipment is operating efficiently and safely. During this unprecedented time in our nation’s history, Chardon is taking all possible steps to ensure safety of our employees and yours.

Implementing WebAdvantage internet communications to your cooling tower or steam boiler system can help ensure that these systems get reliable and quality water treatment, as well as keep social distancing recommendations by limiting on-site visit time.

Contact us today to ask about implementing remote monitoring to your system today!

Find more information on the MegaTron XS and MT controllers here!

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Matt Welsh
Vice President, Water Consultant at Chardon Labs | Website | + posts

Matt Welsh is the Vice President and Water Consultant at Chardon Labs.  He helps consult a wide range of customers utilizing various methods of water treatment, from chemical to chemical-free approaches, large and small applications, and across a wide range of geographical influences.  With 20 years of water treatment experience, including a wide range of troubleshooting and service in potable water and non-potable HVAC and industrial applications, he is an expert in water treatment chemistry for cooling towers, boilers, and closed-loop systems.


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