Mountains in West Virginia, where we offer water treatment services

Industrial Water Treatment Services in West Virginia


Chemicals, Biotech and Automotive are just a few of the many diverse manufacturing industries that fuel the West Virginia economy. As a leading West Virginia commercial water treatment company, Chardon Labs can serve all cooling tower, boiler and closed-loop system water treatment needs in these and other leading WV industries.


Our cutting-edge treatment programs are designed to prevent scale, corrosion and biological growth from fouling these essential systems, which increases their efficiency and extends their lifespan.


The Best Cooling Tower Treatment Company in West Virginia


The Chardon Labs team includes knowledgeable, ISO-certified technicians who have the expertise to apply chemicals that provide an effective defense against cooling tower water system contamination. We offer specific solutions for new system startups and heat exchangers that can include a combination of cleaning, passivation and advanced chemical treatments.


We Can Handle All Your West Virginia Industrial Boiler Water Treatment Needs


The accumulation of scale and corrosion are the two biggest threats to the long-term health of steam boilers. As a leading commercial boiler water treatment company in West Virginia, we can develop a customized water treatment solution that will prevent these relentless forces from damaging your boiler systems.


Our options for treating scale include implementing our highly effective blowdown procedure as well as adding chemicals and/or water softeners to the water supply. We can also use chemical treatments to prevent corrosion.


We’ll Prevent Leakage and Other Troublesome Closed-Loop System Issues


Regular preventive maintenance is key for protecting closed-loop systems. Our service techs can help with cleaning and flushing, filter changing, pH and conductivity testing and other preventive maintenance steps to eliminate the corrosion.


Chardon Labs: Delivering Exceptional Industrial Water Treatment Services Since 1965


For more than 50 years, Chardon Labs has been delivering guaranteed water treatment results at guaranteed prices. Unlike other industrial water treatment companies in West Virginia that generate revenue by selling as many chemicals as possible, we take a service-oriented approach to water treatment. Our services help our customers conserve water and lower their energy costs.


Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions, provide additional resources and recommendations and tell you more about our industrial water treatment solutions in West Virginia. Call us today at 304-220-8677 or fill out our quick and easy online contact form.