Chemical Water Treatment Products for Cooling Towers

At Chardon Laboratories, we provide comprehensive water treatment services for boilers, closed loops and cooling towers. Since 1965, we've made it our mission to help customers:

  • Reduce their utility and repair costs.
  • Make their water systems more efficient.
  • Extend the service life of their equipment.

From free surveys of your water systems to ongoing maintenance at a fixed cost, our ISO-certified technicians can guarantee everything you need to keep your cooling tower operating as expected. Our high-quality products play a crucial role in our cooling tower water treatment programs. You can learn about the different equipment and chemicals we use below.

Why Do You Need Water Treatment Equipment for Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers are specialized heat exchangers that combine air and water, pull heat from the water and return cool water to facilities. Numerous industries rely on cooling towers for their daily operations, including:

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing facilities typically use heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to maintain comfortable working temperatures for employees. Production machinery and equipment can generate significant amounts of heat, making proper cooling a must. Most HVAC systems have cooling towers, water-chilled coolers and condensers.
  • Plastics: Cooling towers help cool extruders and injection molds, making them an asset in the plastics industry.
  • Food processing: Food and beverage processing facilities rely on cooling towers and ammonia compressors. These devices are essential for refrigeration, cold storage and temperature control. Cooling towers also serve air conditioning applications in food processing centers.
  • Health care: Cooling towers can maintain optimal temperatures for employees, patients and visitors in health care facilities.

Because cooling towers fulfill such critical roles and responsibilities, they require ongoing attention and maintenance for peak performance and reliability. An effective cooling water treatment program for your cooling tower requires calibrated and functioning treatment systems.

Upgraded and state-of-the-art equipment can help maintain your cooling tower longer and decrease water treatment costs. Ensuring proper chemical feed with contact headwater meters or bleed solenoids can help prevent potential issues.

At Chardon, we offer a selection of cooling tower equipment and treatment solutions to help maintain the tower and system. Proper equipment is a must to prevent scale, corrosion and microbiological growth. Correct biocide feed is necessary to control and prevent harmful bacterial growth, such as Legionella, from becoming a problem.

Our Cooling Tower Equipment

Our advanced cooling tower water treatment services include our superior cooling tower inhibitor product line. We have specifically designed products to treat specific conditions that could lead to contamination.

For instance, some products will eliminate scale in cooling towers with hard, alkaline makeup water. Others will prevent corrosion in systems with soft or low-TDS makeup water. Learn about the state-of-the-art devices and technology we use for cooling tower water treatment below.

Automation Equipment

Our line of automation equipment can help maintain proper chemical feed rates for your cooling tower. It displays real-time data to optimize your water treatment schedule and cooling tower efficiency. Our automation equipment for cooling towers includes:

  • Conductivity controllers: This reliable, user-friendly cooling tower equipment helps eliminate common issues like scale and rust. The host of advanced features will enable you to automate your system's functionality. Access real-time data to enhance your water treatment processes and improve your results.
  • Chemical pumps: Pumps are essential in maintaining your cooling tower equipment. They help you add the appropriate chemical quantities to ensure the success of your treatment plan. We offer pumps with various levels of automation to meet your unique operating requirements.
  • Mini pulse timer: Our selection of biocide timers will automatically feed cooling tower treatment chemicals into your system. Proper biocide feeding is crucial for killing harmful bacteria and minimizing the risk of a disease outbreak. These timers rely on relay outputs to control feed flow and distribution.

Monitoring and Risk Prevention Equipment

Proper monitoring equipment helps reduce the risk of various issues — such as chemical overfeeding, underfeeding, corrosion, scaling and bacteria buildup — in your cooling tower. We offer the following equipment for monitoring and risk prevention:

  • Contact headwater meters: These meters will help you determine the correct cooling tower treatment chemical feed. You'll avoid adding too many chemicals and seeing your costs significantly increase. You'll also reduce the likelihood of underfeeding, which could lead to scale formation. Another benefit is the ability to track cooling tower water usage more accurately.
  • Corrosion coupon racksThese racks simplify the monitoring of your cooling tower water treatment program's effectiveness and reduce corrosion risk. The quick-connect feature will allow you to remove the coupon quickly without tools. These racks include all the hardware and equipment you need for fast mounting and installation.
  • Flow switchesRegular troubleshooting of your cooling tower equipment will enable you to detect and correct minor issues before they become significant problems. These switches feature various flow indicators to ensure fast, efficient monitoring of virtually any system type.
  • Bleed solenoids: Use this equipment to ensure your system bleeds correctly and prevents cooling tower water from becoming harmful. Our solutions consist of motorized ball valves that enable you to turn the bleed off and on as needed. Several options are available to meet your unique system requirements.
  • pH, ORP and conductivity probes: These probes for cooling towers will work in tandem with your controller to facilitate fast, comprehensive analysis of your cooling tower equipment and system. They provide access to accurate, real-time pH levels to simplify the water quality monitoring process. You'll have the information you require to treat cooling water proactively.

Storage Equipment

Cooling tower chemicals require proper storage to reduce the risk of spills and leakage. Additionally, improper chemical storage can pose risks to you and your employees. Storing incompatible chemicals in the same unit can generate fumes, gases, vapors and heat that can cause fires or explosions.

Our broad assortment of biocide and chemical batch containment tanks can provide safe, efficient storage for your cooling tower water treatment chemicals. They consist of a high-quality polyethylene material that prevents leakage and increases safety. Their double-wall design and removable heavy-duty lids offer a durable storage solution and minimize the risk of spills.

Cooling Tower Chemicals for Water Treatment

Chemically treating your cooling systems is essential to maintaining efficiency. Not to mention the savings you'll have from less water usage and downtime. Chemical treatments also provide a safe solution, assuming you choose and apply the right product for the specific issue you're experiencing.

Ultimately, treating your cooling tower water with the appropriate chemicals can help control scale, corrosion, algae and harmful bacteria like Legionella.   

Our well-trained, experienced ISO-certified technicians can select and apply the right water treatment chemicals for your unique cooling tower maintenance requirements. We have a variety of cooling tower chemicals you may need for your treatment programs.


Corrosion Inhibitors

These chemicals help eliminate rust and scale, two of the most common issues that can hinder the performance of your cooling tower equipment and shorten its life span.

Nonoxidizing Biocides (for Specific Systems and Forms of Biological Growth and Bacteria)

These antibacterial chemicals can rectify cooling tower water issues such as biological growth, inferior quality, toxicity and improper pH levels.

Oxidizing Biocides (Variety of Chlorine and Bromine)

These biocides rely on an electron transfer reaction to attack microorganisms in cooling tower water. Their benefits include simple disbursement, easy measuring and hassle-free control.

Antifoaming Chemicals

Cooling tower water is prone to foaming due to biocide overfeeding and similar issues. Antifoaming chemicals help eliminate excess foam in the system.

Pretreatment Chemicals

Pretreatment of cooling tower water systems is essential for maximizing your heat transfer equipment's life span. We offer chemicals that execute two phases of pretreatment:

  • Precleaning (removing foreign matter)
  • Prefilming (promoting the formation of an inhibiting film)

How Cooling Tower Dosing Works

Cooling tower chemical dosing systems control bacteria and microorganisms by pumping out chemicals in measured amounts. Maintaining and treating your cooling tower increases productivity and reduces expensive equipment replacements.

Diaphragm dosing pumps help regulate alkalinity, chloride, iron and other levels within cooling tanks. An automated chemical pump provides consistent cooling tower chemical dosing. When selecting a dosing pump, it's vital to consider pressure rating, output capacity and other control functions.

Benefits of Choosing Chardon Labs for Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

At Chardon Laboratories, we have the expertise to help you choose the right treatment chemicals for your cooling tower. We'll also help you create and implement a custom treatment plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. Our cooling tower treatment chemicals can provide a host of benefits for your company. They will:

  • Prevent the harmful buildup of scale and corrosion.
  •  Minimize the risk of bio-fouling.
  • Eliminate microbiological growth that frequently occurs when towers sit idle.
  • Simplify the cooling tower water management process.
  •  Reduce your long-term operating costs.
  • Enhance the results of your cooling tower preventive maintenance program.
  •  Reduce the likelihood of significant system issues.
  • Give you peace of mind that you're doing everything possible to protect your cooling tower equipment.

Get Chemical Water Treatment Products for Cooling Towers From Chardon Labs

At Chardon Labs, we share a mutual goal with our clients — keeping their bills as low as possible. That's why we service and sell clean systems instead of chemicals. Rather than constantly having to order chemicals, turn to Chardon for ongoing water treatment products and services at a guaranteed price. Our experts will:

  • Deliver your chemicals and dispose of the containers.
  • Install all necessary equipment.
  • Perform ongoing maintenance with our state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology.

If you're interested in partnering with us for cooling tower water treatment or learning more about what we do, get in touch with us today.


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