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Does your facility use a boiler, cooling tower or closed loop water system for daily business operations? If so, a customized water maintenance plan is in order.

Choosing an experienced water treatment provider is essential for preventing issues like corrosion and bacteria. These problems can send utility bills through the roof, make heating and cooling processes less efficient and damage equipment over time.

If you're seeking industrial water treatment in Gary, Kentland, Michigan City or another Da Region area, Chardon Laboratories has you covered. Our solutions aim to help businesses reduce maintenance expenses and enjoy maximum water system performance for years to come. Keep reading to learn about the different services we offer.

Da Region Service Areas

Boiler Water Treatment in Northwest Indiana

Boilers produce steam or hot water for heating. Many industries rely on them daily, from breweries and food processors to health care facilities. Here are two primary concerns surrounding commercial steam boilers:

  1. Corrosion: Corrosion results from a chemical reaction in the metal, water or air around the boiler. It can also stem from acidity in the water that traps corrosive sodium against the metal. Over time, corrosion can cause the metal surface to develop pits and wear, as well as deteriorate the boiler's inner parts. It can reduce the boiler's service life, complicate heating applications and skyrocket operating costs.
  2. Scale: Scale is a deposit consisting of elements like iron, silica and calcium. These materials can precipitate out of boiler water and harden onto heat transfer surfaces, rendering the system less efficient. Scale can also fall off the sides and interrupt water flow in tubes. This can cause rupturing, warping, overheating and premature equipment failure.

How We Manage Boiler Corrosion

At Chardon Labs, we specialize in effective chemical solutions to treat and prevent corrosion in steam boilers. We use various water treatment products to disperse crystals and particulates, preventing deposits from settling and developing corrosion. We also use sulfite as an oxygen scavenger, which absorbs high dissolved oxygen concentrations that often lead to pitting.

Our Boiler Scale Elimination Process

We incorporate a few methods to control and remove scale from your boiler, including:

  • Blowdown: This process reduces dissolved mineral concentrations by draining feedwater out of the boiler. A Chardon technician will then replace it with feedwater containing a lower dissolved solid concentration.
  • Chemical additives: Adding chemicals to boiler water stimulates a reaction that consumes scale-forming minerals.
  • Water softeners: We add water softeners to remove magnesium, iron and calcium ions from the process water.

Closed Loop Water Treatment

Closed loop water systems preserve water inside pipes to retain purity and volume. They usually include three types of loops — a refrigerant gas loop, cooling tower water loop and chilled water loop.

Considering its enclosed nature, facility managers are often unaware of issues stirring within the water system as it operates for extended periods. They may overlook minor yet critical changes in water flow rates and pressures. Additionally, closed loop systems can undergo leaks that bring air into the system, causing problems like scale, corrosion and bacterial contamination.

Once these issues get a foothold in your closed loop system, they can delay crucial operations and damage equipment over time. Proper care and maintenance should include an entire cleaning and flushing of the system, regular testing and filter changes to ensure peak performance and longevity.

Chardon's Closed Loop System Services

When you choose Chardon for your closed loop water treatment needs, you'll receive the following services:

  • A free survey to determine your system's status and needs
  • A chemical treatment plan customized to your facility
  • Scale, corrosion and microbiological growth control and prevention
  • Full system cleaning and flushing
  • Regularly scheduled testing
  • Ongoing maintenance at a steady annual price

Our team covers the necessary measures to preserve your closed loop system's integrity, including:

  • Chemical applications: Our specialists use high-quality chemicals to reduce corrosive properties in closed loop water. We also use treatment chemicals to remove oxygen from water, which minimizes the spread of corrosion on metal surfaces. Furthermore, we use protective barrier-forming compounds to passivate and protect metallic surfaces from corrosion.
  • Potential hydrogen (pH) control: Using specialized chemical solutions, we can help you maintain proper pH levels in your closed loop water to inhibit corrosion, scale and bacterial growth.
  • Preventive maintenance: Our technicians perform minor maintenance steps like cleaning and flushing, pH and conductivity testing, filter swaps, equipment replacements and more.


    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Indiana Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

    A cooling tower is a type of heat exchanger that creates direct air and water contact. This process reduces water temperature and moves heat into the atmosphere through a coolant stream. These devices help cool buildings and maintain accurate temperatures for HVAC systems, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities and other settings.

    Cooling towers can range from quaint to large, depending on the company's cooling requirements. They come in numerous draft types, namely mechanical fan-operated and natural non-fan-operated. Additionally, they feature different airflow directions, including counterflow — upward airflow and downward water flow — and crossflow horizontal airflow.

    Cooling tower treatment in Indiana

    Cooling towers are incredibly versatile and practical, but they can face issues like scale, corrosion, microbiological growth and white rust, especially without proper treatment. These deterrents can complicate heat transfer, efficiency and flow rates.

    If your business depends on a cooling tower for everyday processes, it's important to devote the time and maintenance needed to optimize its performance, efficiency and life span.

    Our Cooling Tower Solutions

    Chardon Labs can help you create a water chemical treatment plan, addressing and preventing contamination issues like rust, scale and biological growth. Below are different methods we use to address common cooling tower issues:

    • Corrosion: Corrosion thrives with higher water conductivity levels. We can help you create an epoxy layer, which protects cooling tower surfaces with corrosion inhibitors and maintains proper pH levels.
    • Scaling: We help reduce scaling through chemical applications, conductivity monitoring and blowdown removal.
    • Biological growth: Due to their humid conditions, cooling towers are breeding grounds for contaminants like fungi, algae and bacteria. A Chardon technician will gather water samples and develop a chemical treatment plan accordingly. After flushing and replacing the tower water, you can maintain its purity and minimize biological contaminants with the proper chemicals.

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    Chardon Labs is your go-to for Northwest Indiana water chemical treatment plans. We use a full line of scale and corrosion chemicals, bacterial inhibitors and white rust preventatives to keep your water system functional and reliable.

    We've specifically designed our products to address different contaminants affecting boilers, closed loops and cooling towers. We also specialize in state-of-the-art equipment and remote technology for simplified water monitoring.

    Certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), our well-trained technicians administer all treatments at a guaranteed annual cost. They can help you choose the right chemicals for your facility's unique requirements.

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