Industrial Chemical Water Treatment in Kentucky

The Bluegrass State is home to many different industries. The automotive manufacturing industry is a major contributor to Kentucky's economy since General Motors, Ford and Toyota have production facilities in the state. These production plants generate most of the dollars in the state's economy and have encouraged manufacturing growth there. Biotechnology is also a top Kentucky industry, with plentiful biotech startups creating many jobs and investing millions of dollars in the state's economy.

Kentucky is world-renowned for its bourbon distilleries, which produce most of the world's bourbon supply. This high production rate comes from both large distillery companies and small craft distilleries. Distilleries provide a substantial boost for Kentucky's economy with their high employment rates and capital project spending.

These Kentucky industries need professional water treatment services to achieve high-quality process water and efficient systems. The pH level, bacterial strains, and organic and inorganic matter in the water supply are all factors that can affect the water quality in cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems. These contaminants may damage system components and shorten the equipment's life span. Commercial water treatment services for high volume and flow rate process water ensure that your water supply is contaminant-free to protect systems and promote quality work.

Chemical Water Treatment Services in Kentucky

Chardon Laboratories is a water treatment company in Kentucky with more than 55 years of industry experience. Our service coverage and expertise in treating cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems give us the ability to provide excellent water treatment services to these facilities. All of our services can be tailored to your requirements and budget to ensure your facility gets solutions that fit your needs for a cost-effective price.

Our Midwest presence allows us to serve all markets in Kentucky. We have highly-satisfied customers in Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Florence, and all points between, and we are proud to serve these industries:

  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Breweries and distilleries
  • Automotive
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Plastics
  • Food processing and cold storage

Since 1965, Chardon has been one of the leaders in the water management industry, providing customized treatment programs for cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems with improving results. Our chemical water treatment services will lower your operating costs, reduce your water consumption and increase the life span and efficiency of your equipment. Here are the services you can receive from Chardon Labs:

  • Cooling tower treatment
  • Chemical water treatment
  • Closed loop water treatment
  • Boiler chemicals
  • HVAC water treatment
  • Legionella testing
  • Boiler water treatment

Chardon Laboratories has the professional experience necessary to adequately treat and prevent closed loop, cooling tower, boiler and other system problems. We have:

  • Guarantees for a clean system at a fixed price.
  • Customized plans that will address your prevention and treatment requirements for your process water.
  • A team of technicians who are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Evaluate your water supply issues and our solutions by reaching out to Chardon Labs online for more information.


Boiler Chemical Treatment in Kentucky

Making sure your boiler functions as long and as efficiently as possible is of critical importance. Part of this involves keeping scale and corrosion under control, and one of the most effective ways to do so is with boiler chemicals. They treat many common boiler problems and can help prevent them from occurring.

If your Kentucky-based company needs to keep your boiler system running, Chardon can help you do that. Chardon can help fight off scale and corrosion more effectively with boiler chemicals, ensuring your boiler functions efficiently. Our line of boiler chemicals includes:

  • Boiler inhibitors: Chardon Labs has three boiler inhibitor treatments — BJ-10, Comp-F and Comp-50. BJ-10 is the economical and durable treatment for oxygen pitting. Comp-50 and Comp-F contain phosphonates, caustic and sulfite, with Comp-F formulated for food-safe environments.
  • Return line: Our return line chemicals use blends of amines, morpholine, ammonium hydroxide and cyclohexylamine, and each blend is formulated for a different purpose. Chardon Labs has return line chemicals based on line length and pressure, with some made for food-safe environments. Treating your return line will help the metal withstand corrosion and the pressure remain consistent.
  • Scale prevention: The phosphonate blend in our scale prevention chemicals prevents scale formation and uses antifoaming agents, extra dispersing polymers, molybdate tracers and sludge conditioners to protect against overfeeding.
  • pH control: The sodium hydroxide in our pH controlling chemicals increases the water's pH level and neutralizes acid. This chemical is available in solid and liquid formats.

When a boiler incurs scale or corrosion, it will use more energy to function, which reduces its efficiency. As a result, the boiler may break down and require expensive repairs. With boiler chemicals to prevent these issues, the boiler in your Kentucky facility will provide continued efficiency and a longer service life. Our technicians will identify which chemicals you need for your existing boiler condition and use them in your system for prevention and treatment. Learn more about our boiler treatment services online.

Boiler Water Treatment Services in Kentucky

Boilers are used in many industrial processes in Kentucky. They produce the steam necessary for comfort and water heating as well as maintaining accurate temperatures. The two main concerns with boilers are:

  • Scale: Scale deposits are made when calcium, iron and silica impurities from the water precipitate out of it, then concentrate and harden onto the heat transfer surfaces of the boiler. When these deposits enter the water stream, they can interrupt the flow and cause the boiler to overheat or fail. Scale is also an excellent insulator, which causes the boiler to lose efficiency because it must work harder to make up this difference.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion is the result of a reaction between the metal of the boiler and the chemicals in the air or water. It can also occur when the water is highly acidic or the boiler contains scale made from corrosive deposits. These factors can cause wearing and pits in the metal and eat away at the boiler's inner mechanisms. As a result, the boiler's life span and efficiency are reduced, and its operational costs increase.

Since boilers have critical uses, boiler water treatment is a crucial part of the maintenance process. At Chardon Labs, our boiler treatment services address these issues by preventing cases and treating existing problems. Our scale prevention treatment is the blowdown process, which drains the boiler's feedwater to maintain the correct concentration cycles and limit the concentration of dissolved minerals. We also have boiler chemicals that treat the feedwater by absorbing oxygen and dispersing crystals to prevent the formation of corrosive deposits.

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    Chardon Labs is a NSF Certified Water Treatment

    Legionella Testing Services for Kentucky

    Legionella pneumophila is a bacterial strain that lives in areas with warm, stagnant water. When these ideal conditions are present, the smallest trace of Legionella can quickly grow to a high concentration:

    • Temperatures between 68 and 122 degrees F, especially 95 to 115 degrees
    • pH between 5 and 8.5
    • Sediment that encourages the growth of commensal microflora
    • Microorganisms like flavobacteria, pseudomonas and algae that supply Legionella's growth nutrients
    • Microorganisms like amoebae and protozoa that harbor Legionella organisms

    When a water supply is contaminated with Legionella, there is a chance of it being breathed in by humans through water droplets. In the body, Legionella may cause Legionnaire's disease, a potentially deadly illness. Water systems such as ornamental fountains, cooling towers and air washers have a high risk of Legionella, and chlorination can not eradicate it. As a result, it is essential for Kentucky facilities to have professional Legionella testing services.

    The technicians at Chardon Labs are experienced with Legionella testing and treatment and understand the challenges of a Legionella outbreak. We follow the guideline of the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 188. These steps for Legionella testing include:

    • Survey the building's water systems to identify the risk of an outbreak.
    • Develop a water management plan to control the Legionella outbreak.
    • Validate and document our following of the water management plan.

    HVAC Water Treatment Techniques

    Air conditioners, heaters and ventilating systems for industrial facilities must meet unique demands and perform reliably throughout the year. HVAC water treatments prevent scale, microbiological growth and corrosion, which is damaging to HVAC parts by creating leaks in the condensate lines and warps or ruptures in the pipes. This damage could cause the system to malfunction and require costly repairs.

    Chardon Laboratories will help you maintain the water in your HVAC system against these damaging factors. We can service cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems using scale and corrosion inhibitor chemical treatments, cleaning, passivation and flushing. As these systems are inherently vulnerable to contamination, they can see significant benefit from treatment by Chardon's professional team.

    Cooling Tower Water Treatment Services in Kentucky

    A cooling tower is a type of heat exchanger that facilitates the contact of water and air to lower the water's temperature. They are economical cooling systems for industrial HVAC setups, but because they are exposed to the outside environment, cooling towers are a major source of system contamination. The open tower water loop gathers airborne particles and promotes biological growth, and evaporation concentrates mineral content. Over time, organic growth, scaling, corrosion, white rust and fouling can impact the cooling tower's efficiency, leading to damage and downtime.

    Chardon Laboratories has a cooling tower water treatment service that will identify and remove these factors from your process water. Our technicians will test your system to determine its condition, then use this data to create a customized plan to treat any present issues. We use a full line of scale and corrosion inhibitors, microbiological inhibitors and white rust preventatives to treat contamination in cooling towers. Our solutions eradicate existing contamination while preventing future cases.

    Closed Loop Water Treatment Services in Kentucky

    Heating and cooling systems in industrial facilities have three closed loops — a refrigerant gas loop, a chilled water loop and a cooling tower water loop. These loop systems circulate water to transfer heat, first passing the water through an air handler coil to be heated or cooled, then exposing it to the incoming air to lower humidity or a hot loop to control the temperature.

    These systems are prone to leaks that can cause corrosion and bacteria. When corrosion and bacteria enter the process water, they will damage the system and cause eventual equipment failure that can result in an expensive repair or replacement.

    The closed loop services by Chardon Labs prevent damage from microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). We'll test your system to identify contaminants such as bacteria, pH, iron, corrosion inhibitors and conductance. Depending upon your system's needs, our technicians may use cleaning and flushing to eliminate microbiological particles. This service also seeks to provide preventive measures, including:

    • pH and conductivity testing
    • Flushing and cleaning
    • Equipment replacement
    • Filter changes

    Water Quality in Kentucky

    Water hardness and alkalinity are some of the factors that determine water's makeup. Since water quality varies throughout the state of Kentucky, commercial water treatment plans must be tailored to the industry and region.

    Chardon Labs will test your water supply as the first step of our service. This data will help our technicians understand which treatment options will work best for your environment. Customized chemical application will leave your water supply contaminant-free, ensuring your equipment will work better and last longer. Your systems will also consume less water and cost less to operate.

    Choose Chardon Laboratories for Chemical Water Treatment Services in Kentucky

    When you choose Chardon Labs as your chemical water treatment service provider, our goal is to provide your business with clean systems, not sell chemicals. Our technicians will work with you to reduce your operational costs and increase your energy efficiency so your equipment lasts longer and works better. Our professional equipment, ISO-certified technicians and extensive experience in the field make Chardon equipped to maintain your boiler system.

    At Chardon Laboratories, we are proud to have a team of professionals who are always happy to answer your questions or provide expert recommendations. Contact us online or give us a call at 502-230-4670 to learn more about our Kentucky commercial water treatment services.

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