Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

If your facility uses water in its processes, you’ll need dependable water treatment methods to keep that water optimal for use. Many industrial processes require highly treated water to ensure the correct water chemistry, minimize preventable equipment damage and maintenance, conserve resources, lower costs and reduce the risk of waterborne illness.

Fortunately, the right industrial water treatment solutions can help you meet those goals. This guide will walk you through the benefits a robust water treatment program can provide and lay out some of the most effective options.

Why Does Your Facility Need an Industrial Water Treatment System?

Your facility needs an industrial water treatment system to ensure correct, thorough treatment of your process water. A facility with the proper water treatment machines and programs will gain benefits like these:

  • Reduced scaling on pipes: Impurities in your process water can cause scale to form on your pipes. Scale, in turn, can weaken the metal and cause your equipment to require more frequent and expensive maintenance. Proper treatment minimizes scaling, boosts efficiency and minimizes upkeep and repair costs.
  • Minimal fouling of equipment: Impurities solids in your process water can also cause equipment fouling. Solids that settle out and form a film on your equipment can impede its performance and make your processes less efficient. Proper treatment reduces fouling to boost performance and efficiency.
  • Diminished bacterial proliferation: Untreated process water can lead to bacterial proliferation. Your facility might end up with Legionella contamination, for instance, that could compromise your products’ safety and make employees and consumers sick. Proper water treatment with chemicals and water disinfection equipment prevents bacterial growth to ensure health and safety.
  • Reduced energy consumption and costs: Experts predict that by 2025, the industrial sector will account for more than 36% of U.S. energy consumption. That level of consumption has severe ecological impacts and interferes with many companies’ emissions reduction goals. It also drives utility costs skyward. Better water quality makes industrial equipment more efficient, so it reduces energy consumption and expenditures.

How Can an Industrial Water Treatment System Help Your Facility?

How Can an Industrial Water Treatment System Help Your Facility?

An industrial water treatment system generally works by combining purification technology with process water treatment solutions. It alters your process water to make it more suitable for your facility’s use, whether for manufacturing, consumption or eventual release into the environment. Overall, an industrial water treatment system is essential for keeping your facility running optimally.

Different systems will have different treatment requirements depending on their configurations and the water’s use. The treatments might include processes like chemical addition, lime softening, clarification, filtration, ion exchange, polishing and other special processes designed to remove impurities and optimize your process water.

Here are some of the most common types of water treatment systems:

  • Cooling tower water treatment systems: These systems are optimal for protecting cooling tower components from the damage caused by contaminants in feedwater, circulation water or blowdown water. Those harmful contaminants might include chlorides, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfates, silica or bacteria. Cooling tower water treatment systems generally use some combination of filtration, softening, chemical additives and post-treatment to ensure proper water composition.
  • Boiler feedwater treatment systems: These systems are ideal for removing impurities from boiler water and controlling the water’s pH and conductivity. They generally use some combination of chemical additives, filtration, softening, dealkalization, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ion exchange, degasification and polishing to purify and optimize the boiler water. Boiler chemistry is incredibly complex, so you will likely need to enlist professional help in determining the right boiler feedwater treatment system for your operations.
  • Closed loop water treatment systems: These water treatment systems are essential for protecting your closed loop systems from contaminants and preserving their life spans. These systems often use chemical additives as well as various treatment equipment options.

How Can Chardon Laboratories Assist Your Facility With Water Treatment Solutions?

At Chardon Labs, we have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians to service your systems. They perform equipment maintenance and add chemicals regularly to keep your water composition constant. We provide comprehensive boiler water treatmentcooling tower treatment and closed loop treatment services to give you peace of mind about your industrial systems’ performance, efficiency and longevity.

As part of those services, we offer various chemicals and water technology equipment to optimize your water treatment protocols. Here are some of the specific products we provide:

  • Boiler water treatment equipment: Proper boiler water treatment equipment is essential for keeping your boiler functional and efficient. It helps maintain your boiler’s peak performance and lower your chemical and energy consumption. At Chardon Labs, our boiler equipment comes in several forms. We offer contact headwater meters, conductivity controllers and various other options to help you get the precise boiler water composition your processes require.
  • Boiler water treatment chemicals: Your boiler will likely also require boiler water chemicals to maintain its optimal composition. Our chemicals’ unique formulation helps prevent scale formation, control pH and oxygen, reduce foam and maintain steady pressure in your return line.
  • Cooling tower water treatment equipment: The right cooling tower water treatment equipment is critical for preventing scale formation, biological growth and white rust formation. At Chardon Labs, our cooling tower treatment equipment includes products like contact-head water meters and bleed solenoids, and it is ideal for helping you maintain your cooling tower and your entire system.
  • Cooling tower water treatment chemicals: Our cooling tower chemicals include pretreatment chemicals, corrosion protectors and inhibitors, oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, and anti-foaming chemicals. They inhibit scale and bacterial growth to maintain your cooling tower’s performance and efficiency.
  • Closed loop water treatment equipment: Though the self-contained construction of a closed loop system makes it less vulnerable to bacterial growth and contaminant buildup than other systems, closed loop water treatment equipment is still vital for optimal performance. Equipment like pH probes, bag filters and centrifugal separators prevent corrosion buildup, minimize leaks and extend your system’s life span.
  • Closed loop water treatment chemicals: Our closed loop chemicals include various corrosion inhibitors and silicate-formulated anti-foaming chemicals. They inhibit corrosion and pitting, reduce foam and decrease overall wear and tear on your closed loop system.

Contact Chardon Laboratories for Custom-Engineered Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Contact Chardon Laboratories for Custom-Engineered Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

When you need dependable assistance with your boiler, cooling tower or closed loop system, make Chardon Labs your trusted water treatment plant machinery suppliers and service providers.

Our services prevent scaling, corrosion and biological growth from fouling cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems. They also enable your facility to reduce its water and energy consumption and save money on utility bills. Our highly trained technicians have the knowledge and industry expertise to ensure clean systems at a guaranteed fixed price, and we offer additional Legionellatesting and control services to prevent bacterial growth and keep your employees and consumers safe.

We are happy to consult with you about the right water solution for your facility, and we can easily customize our programs to fit your unique water treatment needs. Contact us today to schedule services or learn more.