Water Treatment Resources & FAQs

How To Control Aluminum Corrosion In Cooling Tower Systems

JULY 27, 2020

What Is The Problem With Aluminum Corrosion in Cooling Towers? Aluminum is lightweight, easy to tool and has been used in many industries for years. Unfortunately, aluminum has different solubility...


Good Reasons to Discharge Tower Bleed to Sanitary Sewers

JULY 25, 2020

Reasons to Properly Discharge Tower Bleed Cooling tower treatment requires the controlled discharge from cooling towers and other recirculating water systems is designed to maintain a certain level of water...


How To Control White Rust (Galvanic Corrosion) In Cooling Towers

JULY 23, 2020

What is White Rust? Why Is There White Rust In My Cooling Tower? White rust is a white, waxy material that can accumulate on the galvanized surfaces of newer cooling...


Overview of the Chardon Cooling Tower Inhibitor Product Line

JULY 17, 2020

What is the Chardon Cooling Tower Inhibitor Product Line? Chardon cooling tower treatment utilizes a variety of cooling tower scale and corrosion inhibitors. Each product has attributed designed to address...


Effective Cooling Tower Water Treatment for New System Startup

JULY 15, 2020

The startup of a new cooling system is a critical period in its lifecycle. Chardon Labs offers cooling tower treatment for new systems with two clear objectives in mind: thorough...


Steam Boiler Preventative Maintenance Musts

JULY 1, 2020

Steam Boiler Preventative Maintenance Musts Industrial steam boilers are found in essential systems in almost every industry, from hospitals to food processing. Boilers provide heat, hot water or both, and...


What Is Thermal Stress?

JUNE 10, 2020

What Is Thermal Stress? Steam boilers form the backbone of many different industries. They generate electricity for industrial operations, supply hot water for commercial and hospital laundries, heat water to...


Ammonia Compressor Maintenance

MAY 19, 2020

Ammonia Compressor Maintenance Ammonia is an increasingly popular alternative refrigerant to environmentally harmful hydrofluorocarbons. While manufacturers previously avoided ammonia due to its associated health hazards and smells, ammonia has a...


Reopening Your Building: Why Water Safety Matters

MAY 1, 2020

Helpful Guidance for Reopening Your Building As measures become more effective for controlling the spread of COVID-19, businesses and buildings will reopen at, what we hope is, a safe pace....


How To Control Your Chemical Service Remotely

APRIL 10, 2020

Remote Monitoring Chemical Service With today’s current COVID-19 guidelines and safe distance recommendations, we at Chardon can utilize technology to provide our chemical treatment service with the use of remote...