Semi-Closed Loop Chemicals For Sale

Semi-Closed Loop Chemicals

Semi-Closed loops can present many different issues than that of a typical closed loop system, with the obvious differentiator being the systems’ exposure to the air and oxygen. Implementing a semi-closed loop chemical treatment program to protect the loop is where Chardon can help. Using our various semi-closed loop chemicals, we can put a program in place to protect the loop from corrosion, iron/rust, oxygen pitting and others. Whether it’s using our phosphate-based, or nitrite-based inhibitors, Chardon can provide the chemicals to help protect your unique semi-closed loop.

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors


SN-55 is a specially designed water treatment blend for use in semi-closed loop systems.  This product is an effective corrosion inhibitor and will disperse iron in loops with air exposure.  SN-55 forms a self-healing phosphate film on metal surfaces which inhibits the corrosion of ferrous metals.  It contains an inhibitor to reduce corrosion rates for yellow metal surfaces including copper, brass and bronze.


SN-200 is a nitrite-based corrosion inhibitor that can be used on chilled/hot loop systems to help protect against oxygen pitting through a self-healing layer on metals to help prevent the costly consequences of corrosion and pitting.



This specifically designed chemical formula is synthesized to help fight pitting corrosion on chilled/hot loops with aluminum in the system as well as protecting iron and steel surfaces from pitting and general corrosion. SN-300 supplies an effective dose of polymers that disperse solids and inhibit scale formation to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces and prevent deposits in low flow areas.


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