Chardon’s Hydrocyclone Centrifugal Water Separator

What Does Our Separator do?

Our water separator is used to separate sand and other solid matter from water. It protects pumps, valves, and irrigation systems from damage and abrasion caused by debris. The pre-filtering of water with high loads of sand before gravel filters and disc filters assures that you will get only the highest quality of water to put into your systems.

What are the Advantages of Our Separator?

The conical-shaped separator accelerates the velocity of the water increasing the centrifugal forces and maximizes separation. Rubber cones and inserts enhance separation without wearing on the separator, giving your separator a longer life-span. Due to the large holding capacity of our collection tanks, flushing frequency is reduced, saving you time and hassle. Our separator removes sand and silt, alleviating the dirt load for the backup filter. Finally, it saves you money! Our separator can add years to the life of your system while concurrently lowering the maintenance and replacement costs of sprinklers, drippers, valves, and filters.

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How Chardons Water Separator Works

Based on the centrifuge principle, the particles are spun against the outside wall of the separator and gravitate toward the bottom into the sedimentation tank. The velocity at which the water flows through the separator determines the efficiency at which the particles are separated from the water. The loss between the inlet and the outlet of the separator ranges from 10 to 12 psi. A tester can help in determining the need for a separator. If valves from 2 to 20 psi are measured, a separator is recommended. The flow during operation of the system needs to be fairly constant to ensure the effectiveness of the separator.


Installation and Operations Guidelines

Our separator must be installed vertically, with the sedimentation tank underneath to maximize results and efficiency. We recommend draining sedimentation tanks when they are one-third full. Letting the sedimentation tank get more than one-half of its volume may cause corrosion and void the manufacturer’s warranty. The sedimentation tanks are able to be flushed manually or automatically with an addition of an electric valve and timer.

A quadruple centrifugal separator

Chardon’s separators are built right here in house!

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